There are increasing opportunities for bioavailability in the clean beauty industry

Opportunities for bioavailability: Millions of people are now looking for eco-conscious alternatives to mainstream cosmetic products in the beauty and personal care industry. The organic cosmetics market has seen a rise in demand and increased accessibility.

Recent statistics show that cosmetics will make up around 15% of the global beauty and personal care market in 2020. They have also accumulated more than $72 million in one year.

International perspectives have been growing in natural cosmetics, which led Catherine Farrant, a South African-born entrepreneur based in the UK, to create Fierce Nature, an ancestral and organic cosmetics line.

The shift away from dominant brands to consumer-based buying has been gradual. Farrant and Fierce Nature, currently looking for eco-friendly alternatives.

Bioavailability refers to a substance entering the bloodstream when introduced into the body. It also indicates its effectiveness to exert an active effect once it has been absorbed. Fierce Nature’s range uses Pure Organic Grass Fed Tallow for its base. Tallow, Latin for sebum and the name given to our skin’s natural oils, is one of the most bioavailable emollients. It absorbs into the cells and nourishes them, rather than petroleum- or chemically-bound products that sit on top of it.

How will entrepreneurs create new opportunities in a market that is still growing and not be held captive by niche luxury brands?

Here’s an insider’s look.

Scope Of The Industry

Although significant brands are yet to create a “green product line,” some have had a negligible impact. However, startups smaller than these are making an impact.

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Reports The Global Natural and Organic Market analysis indicates that the market was worth around $21449 Million in 2019. With estimates for 2025 at more than $37280 Million, it has a market value of over $37280 Million. Consumers who have embraced Western beauty standards and explored new horizons beyond the markets have dramatically influenced the market’s rapid growth. There is also a growing demand for transparency in beauty products, from ingredients to testing.

Farrant believes this is the case. She shared her experience growing up in South Africa, where she was exposed to mainstream brands, and how it made her feel more about the industry.

We can draw a lot from Farrant’s story and the gradual shift within the cosmetics industry to better understand global consumers’ desire for natural, organic, and environmentally-friendly products.

Making bioavailability mainstream

Despite the optimistic outlook on the market, the challenge remains in making bioavailability more available.

Some countries may not consider cosmetics and personal-care products a necessity. Others might view them as luxury. The challenge is to provide better solutions, educate consumers and make it easier to understand their purpose.

Fierce Nature’s start was slow, but overall support has grown in recent months—a small contender among big players. Startups and small businesses like Fierce Nature offer a new way to understand ancestral cosmetics better. They use natural and organic ingredients and create products from the ground, not in a laboratory.

This is what Farrant does in her field of work. She has achieved this after decades of innovation and research.

I have realized that beauty products promise nothing and are a complete lie. Our lives are being changed by using harmful chemicals in seductive packaging.

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Farrant and other entrepreneurs have been building better relationships with consumers worldwide. It’s not only for the sake of the consumers but also for new competitors and entrepreneurs who are willing to enter the market.

The Market is Creating Opportunities for bioavailability

Market competition is mainly controlled and managed by a handful of prominent and influential cosmetic brands.

To what extent has this brand contributed to environmental and social growth? Every industry has felt the immediate need to understand climate change and deforestation. Some skeptics say it’s too late, but others have had to go through a difficult path to ensure that transition can still occur.

Entrepreneurs create products and services that allow Nature and consumers to co-exist. They use non-animal derived materials, avoid harmful chemicals and look for alternate methods to manufacture and distribute goods and services.

We should encourage young entrepreneurs to be part of the changing world. It’s not easy to establish a reputation in a competitive marketplace. However, using your business as an opportunity to make a difference is how you build awareness.

It is not easy to eliminate environmentally harmful factors and look for modern alternatives, as we have seen with other brands and companies.

Find A Parallel

Many people have missed the opportunity to improve their lives.

We cannot overlook the eco-efforts made by major corporations and governments. We’ve been told lies for years about the environmental benefits of these green initiatives.

It has become apparent that innovation and minorities cannot do better. We want to increase education and understanding about how natural ingredients and organic elements can still be used in everyday life without causing harm to our care or Nature.

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The Takeaway

Catherine Farrant is just one of the few entrepreneurs who recognize the importance of better living. It isn’t easy to take care of your body and mind in today’s digitalized world. We are constantly searching for new, better, more innovative, and convenient ways to live.

Are we missing the point in our digital dreams? Is it possible to reach a point where there is no turning back? These are difficult questions that can’t be answered.

Entrepreneurs are looking for meaning and balance. They create and modify normative standards and build new ways for consumers and patients to connect with their environment and health.

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